A laugh in Amsterdam triggers a giggle in Beijing smiles in Tokyo, causes chuckles in Delhi, guffows in Tehran, madness in Madagascar, roars in Nairobi, shouts of laughter in Lagos, jests in Cairo, a boom in San Francisco, a total explosion in Hawaii.

Wrapping The World In Laughter

the largest and lightest work of art

Laughter, the one (one and only) language connecting us all, rises above political and religious polarities.
e-l@ugh is a global community art project, via the smartphone, connecting the world through the exchange of laughter.

Download the e-laugh app at Google play. Laugh with family and friends, giggle, burst out, and record yourselves and share through your own media. Find us at Youtube, Facebook, twitter and e-laugh.com and rank the most authentic laughs.

e-l@ugh will produce a book, and a movie of all countries laughing, as a present to the world/UN, as a sign of connection, downloadable for everyone. A touch of heaven on the screens in your city.


Right To Play is a nonprofit organisation that empowers children in conflict zones worldwide. Every uploaded  e-l@ugh will pay to support and educate a child through play.  Donate to the project e-l@ugh and help Right to Play !

2016 will be the year of the connection.                                        Laughter is the shortest distance between people. Join ! Download the app !