A laugh in Amsterdam triggers a giggle in Beijing smiles in Tokyo, causes chuckles in Delhi, guffows in Tehran, madness in Madagascar, roars in Nairobi, shouts of laughter in Lagos, jests in Cairo, a boom in San Francisco, a total explosion in Hawaii.

Wrapping The World In Laughter

The largest and lightest work of art !

Laughter, the one (one and only) language connecting us all, rises above Corona and political and religious polarities.
e-l@ugh is a global community art project, via the smartphone, connecting the world through the exchange of laughter.

Download the e-laugh app at Google play. Laugh with family and friends, giggle, burst out, and record yourselves and share through your own media. Find us at Youtube, Facebook, twitter and e-laugh.com and rank the most authentic laughs.

e-l@ugh will produce a book, and a movie of all countries laughing, as a present to the world/UN, as a sign of connection, downloadable for everyone. A touch of heaven on the screens in your city.


Right To Play is a nonprofit organisation that empowers children in conflict zones worldwide. Every uploaded  e-l@ugh will pay to support and educate a child through play.  Donate to the project e-l@ugh and help Right to Play !

! 2020 will be the year of the connection!             Laughter is the shortest distance between people.
                           Join ! Download the app !